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Invoicing for Your Service Customers with
"Route Rite"tm Software

For Your Microsoft Windows Desktop, Since 1991

Integrated Customer History, Scheduling and Routing, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Inspections with Blank Paper Forms for Microsoft Windows


Route Rite"™ Software for Windows, in service since 1991, has serviced Pest Control, Lawn Care, Cleaning Service, Beverage Service, Water Delivery, Sanitation Service, Pool Service, Carpet Cleaning, Pooper Scooper, Dog Grooming, Waste Elimination, Shredding Service and more. Just customize your setup with Route Rite Software’s Integrated Modules.

Yes it’s been upgraded from DOS through Windows over the Decades. Full of ideas from its users since August of 1991, it is very mature software. The Fully Integrated Customer History, Routing and Scheduling, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Invoicing, Statements, Renewals, Reports attempts to take data entered and use it to drive all its features. In include all sorts of Report but even some specialties, including California Termite, Material Usage Reporting for California and New York DEC Reporting. It is not a mater of will our software work, but more will it work for you. Take a look!

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Here is a look at the Route Rite Main Screen.  You can access all of the Integrated modules from here

Reduce Vehicle Mileage and Fuel Costs, Reduce Paper Costs, Reduce Office Posting Expense, Reduce Missed jobs, Collect your Money Faster.

"Route Rite"tm Links to "My Billing Buddy"tm Android Service Management Software with My Billing Buddy Link
Designed to Export Route Appointments from Route Rite and send them to My Billing Buddy Software in your Respective Trucks,  Then it imports the Job Completion Details Route Rite Software

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Many of our users and used our "Route Rite"tm Training & Support, throughout their years on the Route Rite Software. It includes:

Training Documentation, Training Slide Shows and Training Movies are delivered with "Route Rite"® Software. Since we have been training and support users for over 2 decades we know most of the questions and tendencies of our new users. So we educate you with important stuff related to your needs.

We also offer Live Setup Training, Live Consulting and Training, Annual Support Programs including our standard software updates.

Our email support answers come back to you within minutes in most cases during working hours, and a little longer after hours. Our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Documentation delivered with the software, answers most questions.

You should look further into Route Rite Software both on this site and our Route Rite Software Main Site located at To view on this Mobile Site, just click the buttons above to get more information on the Feature Modules in Route Rite.

Route Rite Software General Features Summary:

Schedules your customers reoccurring services or visits, for each service at each address and can be billed to one or multiple customers.

Reminds you of customer services that are coming due and that have been missed.

Bills and invoices Billing Customers for each service completed at each of their addresses.

Prints Service Slips with services and products and equipment with or without your pricing for your drivers.

Tracks Accounts Receivable for each customer, along with their Transaction History. Prints Aged Statements for each customer with a balance.

Tracks and Reports on Product Sales and Material Usage for each customer

"Route Rite"™ Software is very robust has been performing these tasks, for Route Service Businesses. since 1991.  This is software that you purchase rather than lease or rent.  You pay a one time license fee and you use the software with no monthly fees, unless you purchase annual support or other add ons. 

So, if you drive a truck or other vehicle to perform services or sales for Pest Control, Lawn Care, Carpet Cleaning, Pool Cleaning, Handy Man, Water Service, Beverage Service, Vending Machines Service, Pooper Scooper, Distributers, Rental Service, Property Management, Inspections, Hazardous Waste, Dog Groomers, Sanitation Service, Maid Service, Awning Cleaners, Window Cleaners, Mobile Windshield Repair, Mobile Detailing, Painters, Plumbers, Electricians, Uniform Services, Shredding Services, Cleaning Service....  You should try Route Rite!

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